23 February 2017



Trainer : Vinay Kumar

Course Content : Click Here

Duration : 2 Months
System Access :  2 Months
Batches : Weekday / Weekend 
Training Fee : 30K
Contact : Kumar (+91-9014879068)

1. Module: Introduction to Mastery 

1. Introduction to Success factors Products.
2. Instance, Provisioning Systems explanation
3. Technical Architecture
4. Integration Technology/Tools
5. t Methodology – Implementation Methodology.
6. Basic company settings in Provisioning System
7. Creating administrators in Provisioning System
8. Creating administrators in Instance
9. Instance basic settings – Passwords, Home Page, Welcome Menu, Comp info.
10. Administrator tools
11. Managing To DO List.
12. Manage V12 Home Page – Success factors Home Page customization.
13. Theme Manager – Customization Organization Themes.
14. Admin tools 2.0 and the Old Admin Overview.
15. Success factors Revolution UI
16. Commonly used terms
17. Default User Permissions.
18. Admin Privileges
19. Proxy Management
20. Setting up company Logos
21. Manage Data User Records
22. Employee Data File
23. Permissions
24. Password Policies
25. Email Notifications Customization.
26. Text Customization in Instance
27. People Search
28. Rating Scales
29. Route Maps (Workflow)
30. Launching forms
31. Modifying Existing Form Route Map Steps by Administrator
32. Employee Profile
33. Customizing Employee Profile (Layout Configuration).
34. XML and Data models
35. Custom Fields Creation in the Data Models.
36. Interfaces between SAP & Success factors (Data extraction)
37. Pick list Management.
38. Jobs Scheduling & Execution of Jobs in Success factors.
39. Success factors Language Packs.
40. Resetting user accounts or Passwords.
41. User Groups Creation

2. Module:: Analytics & Reporting
1. Introduction to Reporting
2. Introduction to Dash Boards
3. Set up process dashboards
4. Rating Scale Dashboards
5. Create Interactive Dashboards
6. Report Centre.
7. Manage Report Permissions
8. List view reports
9. Spotlight view reports
10. Spread sheet reports
11. Classic reports
12. Adhoc report Builder
13. Custom Reports Creation.
14 . Sharing Reports.
15. Single Domain Reports.
16. Cross Domain Reports.
17. Multi Dataset Reports.

3. Module: Employee Central Mastery – Core HCM

1. Introduction to EC
2. Basic provisioning Setup
3. Recommended 14 – step Implementation sequence for EC Implementation.
4. EC Navigation
5. Setup Super Administrator Account and Managing authorizations.
6. Data models and DTDs
7. Employee Central Structure.
8. Data model Management
9. Setting up Corporate Data Model
10. Setting up Succession Data Model
11. Setting up Country specific Data Model
12. Setting up Country specific Succession Data Model
13. Enable Business Configuration UI (BCUI) in Provisioning
14. Business Configuration UI to Maintain Succession Data model
15. Enable employee central and RBP
16. Update employee details
17. ESS/MSS functionality
18. Understanding security
19. Managing security with Role Based Permission.
20. EC as a system of record
21. EC Customizing and Populating Basic Foundation data
22. Customizing Country specific files in Foundation tables
23. Creating and modifying associations
24. Propagations (Creating Propagations Rules)
25. Importing Users data into employee central system.
26. Customization & Creation of Company, Department, division, Business Unit, Location etc..
27. Mass Changes
28. Customizing employee files.
29. Customizing CSF for Employee Files.
30. Position Management
31. Employee Central Workflow Configuration and Approval Process.
32. Employee Central Reporting
33. Online Report Designer
34. EC Payroll Integration
35. MDF – Meta Data Frame Work
36. MDF Objects creation
37. Global Employment
38. Generic Objects and Configuration of Generic Objects
39. Customer Specific Foundation Objects.
40. Business Rules setup.
41. Search of Inactive Employees/users.
42. Rehire Inactive Employee.
43. Case Study/Exercise


1) Different integration system atmosphere
2) Overview of Hybrid Implementations
3) Atom Management
4) Different connector involved in integrations
· Disk connectors
· Database Connectors
· FTP Connectors
· SFTP Connectors
· HTTP Connectors
· Web service SOAP Client connectors
· Web service server connectors
· JMS Connectors
· Sales force Connectors

5) Source, Mapping & Target
6) Usage of atmosphere API
7) administrations



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