23 August 2014



Q) What do you mean by drop shipment ?
A drop shipment is based on an order from a customer to a Distributor. The distributor initiates the shipment by Informing the wholesaler.

Q) Why do you need project IMG ?
IMG is required for the purpose of customizing and Configuration. There is no role of functional consultant Without it.

Q) Without delivery can you do billing ?
Without delivery invoice is not possible.

Q) How does the rule MALA decide the picking location ?

Q) Is it possible to do delivery without shipping point ?
No. Shipping point is the destination of the goods, how we can ship the goods. It is like mailing letter without TO address.

Q) Explain about smart forms ?
Smart form - it is a form. Basically it is using in output.

Q) How sales document is structured ?
Header responsible for all the documents
Item for materials
Schedule line for quantity and delivery

Q) What does A/C Group control customer ?
Account Group is like a control Parameter for the customer master. Most of the fields in the customer master are controlled Using Field Selection, which is internal function of Account Group.

Q) In sales order how system does picks up plant ?
We assign particular material master to particular Plant it picks up from there.

Q) What is the difference between customization and configuration ?
Customization word used for Master Data maintenance. And Configuration word used for pricing Procedure Determination

Q) Could you explain about sales deals ?
Company Has Launched a new product, for a that material you Want to have a promotion for this you will creating a sales deal and assign it to sales promotion and you maintain condition groups

Q) What is the use of pricing date in condition type ?
It shows date of calculation of pricing procedure for that Particular document. So that in future you can see the date On which pricing calculated for that particular doc.

Q) What is the use of sales area ?
Sales area is the geographical aspect of that particular Company code, from there we can generate the reports.

Q) Can you explain about Higher-level item category and item usage
Sales Document Type (OR)
Item Category Group (NORM)
Item Usage (FREE)
Higher Level Item Category (TAN)
Item Category of Free Goods (TANN)

Q) How to extend material and customer to other sales areas ?
Sales area is a combination of s.org, dist channel & Division. Division is a logical grouping of products. So u Cannot extend material to other sales areas. But u can Extend customer to other sales areas through common Distribution channel & division.

Q) How can we process out bound deliveries without shipping point ?
Shipping point is a mandatory Organizational unit for outbound delivery process.

Q) Product attributes means ?
Product attributes is nothing but the features of product.

Q) Why do I use condition indexes ? How do you activate them ?
Condition Index is used to search all the conditions
Records for a particular condition type (eg PR00). We Activate condition index in the customizing screen of the Condition type.
Menu Path: SPRO>>Sales & Distribution>>Basic Functions>>Pricing>>Pricing Control>>Define Condition Types>> Maintain Condition Types>> Enter PR00

Q) While I am creating a customer in ship to party account group you have shipping and billing partner function tab pages, client wants to shift all important fields in billing like payment terms, incoterms , and tax classification into shipping tab page. He wants only shipping partner function only, how does you customize ?
Field Selection will help you maintain the fields relevant To Shipping, Ship to party function will be able to see only shipping related fields.

Q) How we assigned sales organization to delivering plant ?
Path: SPRO-IMG-Enterprise Structure-Assignment-SD-Assign Plant to Sales Organization/Dist.Channel
T.Code: OVX6

Q) Is it possible to release change request, without releasing task.
Once we can release the task, then only we can release the Change/customizing request.

Q) What is the client specific data ? Give two examples of client specific data ?
1-master data
2-transction data.

Q) Can one have multiple packing for delivery ?

Q) Explain EDI and its usage ?
Edi - it helps for data transfer
That means from sap or non sap to sap

Q) To extend material one plants to another plant what are the configuration you done in your project ?

We have to create in new plant as we have followed for First plant, where as in first plant system will give Internal number but for second plant we have to mention Material number.

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