22 August 2014


SAP SD Transaction Codes :-


XD01 Create Customer (Centrally)

XD02 Change Customer (Centrally)

XD03 Display Customer (Centrally)

XD05 Block customer (centrally)

XD07 Change Customer Account Group

XDN1 Maintain Number Ranges (Customer)

Sales Order

VA01 Create Sales Order

VA02 Change Sales Order

VA03 Display Sales Order

VA05 List of Sales Orders


VA11 Create Inquiry

VA12 Change Inquiry

VA13 Display Inquiry

VA15 Inquiries List


VA21 Create Quotation

VA22 Change Quotation

VA23 Display Quotation

VA25 Quotations List


VA41 Create Contract

VA42 Change Contract

VA43 Display Contract

VA45 List of Contracts

Item Proposal

VA51 Create Item Proposal

VA52 Change Item Proposal

VA53 Display Item Proposal

VA55 List of Item Proposal

Delivery (Outbound)

VL01 Create Delivery

VL01N Create Outbound Dlv. with Order Ref.

VL02N Change Outbound Delivery

VL03 Display Outbound Delivery

VL09 Cancel Goods Issue for Delivery Note

Customer management

FD32 Change Customer Credit Management

FD33 Display Customer Credit Management


V/03 Create Condition Table (SD Price)

V/04 Change Condition Table (Sales pr.)

V/05 Display Condition Table (Sales Pr.)

V/06 Condition Categories (SD Pricing)

V/07 Maintain Access (Sales Price)

V/08 Conditions (Procedure for A V)

V/09 Condition Types (Account Determine)

V/10 Account Determination (Access Seqnc)

V/11 Conditions (Account Determin.Proced.)

V/12 Account Determination (Create Table)

V/13 Account Determination (Change Table)

V/14 Account Determination (Display Table)

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