6 January 2014

Differences between BW and BI

Differences between  BW and BI :- 

# Remodeling

# Repartitioning

# BI supports real-time data acquisition (RDA)

# In BI7.0 we have 3 types of Routines :
                                         Start Routine
                                         End Routine
                                         Expert Routine   

# Data Source activation automatically generates a PSA table…..So Load through PSA has become a mandatory. You can't skip this, and also there is no IDoc transfer method in BI 7.0.

# Info Package is only used to load till PSA

# Transformation replaces Transfer Rules & Update Rules

# Info Source is Optional, only needed for complex (multi-step) procedures

# DTP replaces Info Package, Data Marts interface and Info Spoke

# ODS renamed as DSO, introduced Write Optimized DSO

# New Better Search facility

# Infoset now also supports Info cubes

# Export to PDF & allows Printing

# Better Unicode Conversion support

# The Web Application Designer is improved with new chart types (Heat Map, GANTT & Milestone Trend Analysis), as well as new layout elements such as ‘tab strips

# WAD also has new step-by-step wizards for maps, command editing to create Web API Commands and charts, as well as a simplified wizard for layout elements such as radio buttons, action buttons etc.

# This reduce the amount of custom coding required with the help of Command wizards, Auto complete and support for HTML tags.

# You can broadcast BEx query views and formatted reports (“reports”) in addition to Web applications, queries and workbooks. Reports are a new BEx object type developed within the new BEx Report Designer tool.

# New output formats are based on the distribution type you select. But, you now can broadcast web documents as PDF files.

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