18 January 2014



51. What are the techniques involved in using SAP supplied programs ? Do you prefer to write your own programs to load master data ? Why ?

52. What are logical databases ? What are the advantages/disadvantages of logical databases ?

53. What specific statements do you using when writing a drill down report ?

54. What are different tools to report data in SAP ? What all have you used ?

55. What are the advantages and disadvantages of ABAP query tool ?

56. What are the functional areas ? User groups ? and how does ABAP query work in relation to these ?

57. Is a logical database a requirement/must to write an ABAP query ?

58. What is the structure of a BDC sessions.

59. What are Change header/detail tables ? Have you used them ?

60. What do you do when the system crashes in the middle of a BDC batch session ?

61. What do you do with errors in BDC batch sessions ?

62. How do you set up background jobs in SAP ? What are the steps ? What are the event driven batch jobs ?

63. Is it possible to run host command from SAP environment ? How do you run ?

64. What kind of financial periods exist in SAP ? What is the relavent table for that ?

65. Does SAP handle multiple currencies ? Multiple languages ?

66. What is a currency factoring technique ?

67. How do you document ABAP programs ? Do you use program documentation menu option ?

68. What is SAP script and layout set ?

69. What are the ABAP commands that link to a layout set ?

70. What is output determination ?

71. What are IDOCs ?

72. What are screen painter? menu painter ? Gui status ? ..etc.

73. What is screen flow logic ? What are the sections in it ? Explain PAI and PBO.

74. Overall how do you write transaction programs in SAP ?

75. Does SAP has a GUI screen painter or not ? If yes what operating systems is it available on ? What is the other type of screen painter called ?

76. What are step loops ? How do you program page down pageup in step loops ?

77. Is ABAP a GUI language ?

78. Normally how many and what files get created when a transaction program is written ? What is the XXXXXTOP program ?

79. What are the include programs ?

80. Can you call a subroutine of one program from another program ?

81. What are user exits ? What is involved in writing them ? What precations are needed ?

82. What are RFCs ? How do you write RFCs on SAP side ?

83. What are the general naming conventions of ABAP programs ?

84. How do you find if a logical database exists for your program requrements ?

85. How do you find the tables to report from when the user just tell you the transaction he uses ? And all the underlying data is from SAP structures ?

86. How do you find the menu path for a given transaction in SAP ?

87. What are the different modules of SAP ?

88. What is IMG in SAP ?

89. How do you get help in ABAP ?

90. What are different ABAP editors? What are the differences ?

91. What are the different elements in layout sets ?

92. Can you use if then else, perform ..etc statements in sap script ?

93. What type of variables normally used in sap script to output data ?

94. How do you number pages in sapscript layout outputs ?

95. What takes most time in SAP script programming ?

96. How do you use tab sets in layout sets ?

97. How do you backup Sap script layout sets ? Can you download and upload ? How ?

98. What are presentation and application servers in SAP ?

99. In an ABAP program how do you access data that exists on a presentation server vs on an application server ?

100. What are different data types in ABAP ?

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