18 January 2014



1. General System Information

• How many SAP instances are there (Development, QA, PRD, Training, etc) ?

• What SAP versions are in use for each instance? (e.g. 3.1I etc.)

• What release of SAP Kernel for each instance ?

• What’s the SAP Hot Package level for each instance ?

• What OS (type and version) is employed per instance ?

• What RDBMS (type and version) is employed ? 


2. System Architecture
• What is the system landscape currently (including client strategy) ? Please provide a diagram of all systems and clients and transport routes between the different systems.

• Is any hardware available for the upgrade? I.e. to copy the Dev and Production systems or just a copy of Production ? 

• Which Add-ons are employed (faxing, printing, ITS, barcoding, taxation, scheduling, etc.) ?

• Responsibility and tools used for SAPGUI rollout ? How many users ?


3. System Administration

• Who is responsible for maintaining Authorizations ?

• Was the Profile Generator used to create and develop the Profiles ?

• Is a Change Management Procedure in place to manage and test transports ? 

• Are any other tools other than SAP used to manage transports? If so, please provide details.


4. Backup and Recovery

• Is a tested backup and recovery process in place ?


5. Availability Requirements and business cycles

• What are the availability requirements per instance ?

• What is the longest period of time that the business can operate without the SAP system ?

• When are the peak processing times ? 

• When is financial closing ?


6. Application Infrastructure

• How many interfaces are in use ?

• How many modifications were made and complexity ?

• How many user exits were used and complexity ?

• Are any additional languages used ? List if Yes.

• Which SAP modules are used (including Industry solutions) ? Please also provide version information.

• Are any test scripts available ? How current are the test scripts ?   

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