23 January 2014



SAP Technical Interview questions

Q. What are the methods of interfacing to SAP ?

Q. What is an IDOC ?

Q.What is partner profile ?

Q. When would you use a BAPI rather than an IDOC ?

Q. How would you control changes to standard SAP objects ?

Q. Explain Data and List methods in LIS ?

Q. Select single vs select up to one rows ?

Q. Explain V2 updates ?

Q. Text on an output document. How do you find its source ?

Q. Explain the 4 events in flow logic ?

Q. What methods can you use to make a report interactive ?

Q. Where do you find info on new developments in SAP ?

Q. Are you a member of any professional organisations ?

Q. How long do you struggle with a problem before you ask for help ?

Q. What is the purpose of (a) unit testing (b) integration testing ?

Q. What is the role of a functional analyst? How many Analysts on your project ?

Q. What is the role of the Basis team? How many Basis people running your implementation ?

Q. Who signs off that a program is performing as specified ?

Q. What action do you take when a program is taking longer than expected to develop ?

Q. Tell me a little bit about performance in ABAP. How do you ensure that your programs run efficiently ?

Project experience

Q. Tell me about some of the projects you have worked on ?

Q. What roles have you played on these different projects ?

Q. Have you taken on any project management or project/team lead roles ?

Q. What type of position are you looking for ?

Q. What type of programs have you developed ?

Q. What functional areas have you written programs for? Do you consider yourself an expert developer for any of the functional areas you have written programs for ?.

Q. Have you done much of your own analysis work ? Written specs ?

Q. What was the most complicated program you’ve developed and why ?

Q. What is the most challenging thing you find when developing programs ?

Q. Have you given any formal training in your SAP career ? Mentoring ?

Q. Have you used any QA standards or been required to go through any QA evaluations for custom programs you have written ?

Q. What, if any, project methodologies have you used ?

Q. Who in the organization do you speak to most frequently on a day-to-day basis? i.e.: end users, analysts, team leads, managers.


Q. In your opinion what is the most common problem encountered after transporting dictionary objects?

Q. Discuss ‘development classes’.

Q. How many they use in a project etc...

Q. If only used $TMP, no go live experience

Q. Discuss the differences between BDC and ‘Call transaction’.

Q. Synch vs. Asynch

Q. Error log vs. no error log

Q. Discuss the pros and cons of secondary indices.

Q. Processing overhead vs. disk space

Q. Discuss a ‘logical unit of work’.

Q. What are the differences between Open SQL and Native SQL ?

Q. SAP only use Open SQL

Q. Discuss indices and matchcodes.

Q. What is difference between static and dynamic field symbols ?

EDI Related

Q. Which EDI transactions have you done ? Inbound/Outbound ?

Q. Which translator did you use ?

Q. Were you involved with non-SAP mapping ?

Q. Which versions of SAP did you implement EDI for ?

Q. Were you involved with the analysis of the transactions ?

Q. Were you the sole SAP EDI person on the project ?

Q. Did you do the ABAP portion of the EDI implementation ?

Q. Were you involved with the production support end of EDI once it was implemented ?

Q. How did you train the users in EDI support both functionally and technically ?

Q. Did you do any custom WF programming or setup (aside from error handling) ?

ALE Related

Q. Which ALE transactions have you done ? Inbound/Outbound ?

Q. Did you implement change pointers ?

Q. Any custom ABAP work necessary ?

Q. Any custom WF ?

Q. SAP to SAP or external ?

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