10 January 2014



Q) What does InfoCube contains ?

A) Each InfoCube has one FactTable & a maximum of 16 (13+3 system defined, time, unit & data packet) dimensions.

Q) What does FACT Table contain ?
A) FactTable consists of KeyFigures.
Each Fact Table can contain a maximum of 233 key figures.
Dimension can contain up to 248 freely available characteristics.

Q) How many dimensions are in a CUBE ?
A) 16 dimensions. (13 user defined & 3 system pre-defined [time, unit & data packet])

Q) What does SID Table contain ?
A) SID keys linked with dimension table & master data tables (attributes, texts, hierarchies)

Q) What does ATTRIBUTE Table contain ?
A) Master attribute data

Q) What does TEXT Table contain ?
A) Master text data, short text, long text, medium text & language key if it is language dependent

Q) What does Hierarchy table contain ?
A) Master hierarchy data

Q)Differences between STAR Schema & Extended Schema ?
A) In STAR SCHEMA, A FACT Table in center, surrounded by dimensional tables and the dimension tables contains of master data. In Extended Schema the dimension tables does not contain master data, instead they are stored in Masterdata tables divided into attributes, text & hierarchy. These Masterdata & dimensional tables are linked with each other with SID keys. Masterdata tables are independent of Infocube & reusability in other InfoCubes.

Q) As to where in BW do you go to add a character like a \; # so that BW will accept it. This is transaction data which loads fine in the PSA but not the data target.
A) Check transaction SPRO ---Then click the "Goggles"-Button => Business
Information Warehouse => Global Settings => 2nd point in the list. I
hope you can use my "Guide" (my BW is in german, so i don't know all the english descriptions).

Q) When are Dimension ID's created ?
A) When Transaction data is loaded into InfoCube.

Q) When are SID's generated ?
A) When Master data loaded into Master Tables (Attr, Text, Hierarchies).

Q) How would we delete the data in ODS ?
A) By request IDs, Selective deletion & change log entry deletion.

Q) How would we delete the data in change log table of ODS ?
A) Context menu of ODS → Manage → Environment → change log entries.

Q) What are the extra fields does PSA contain ?
A) Record id, Data packet

Q) Partitioning possible for ODS ?
A) No, It's possible only for Cube.

Q) Why partitioning ?
A) For performance tuning.

Q) Have you ever tried to load data from 2 InfoPackages into one cube ?
A) Yes.

Q) Different types of Attributes ?
A) Navigational attribute, Display attributes, Time dependent attributes, Compounding attributes, Transitive attributes, Currency attributes.

Q) Transitive Attributes ?
A) Navigational attributes having nav attr…these nav attrs are called transitive attrs

Q) Navigational attribute ?
A) Are used for drill down reporting (RRI).

Q) Display attributes ?
A) You can show DISPLAY attributes in a report, which are used only for displaying.

Q) How does u recognize an attribute whether it is a display attribute or not ?
A) In Edit characteristics of char, on general tab checked as attribute only.

Q) How do we convert Master data InfoObject to a Data target ?
A) InfoArea → Infoprovider (context menu) → Insert characteristic Data as DataTarget.

Q) How do we load the data if a FlatFile consists of both Master and Transaction data ?
A) Using Flexible update method while creating InfoSource.

Q) Steps in LO are Extraction ?
* Maintain extract structures. (R/3)
* Maintain DataSources. (R/3)
* Replicate DataSource in BW.
* Assign InfoSources.
* Maintain communication structures/transfer rules.
* Maintain InfoCubes & Update rules.
* Activate extract structures. (R/3)
* Delete setup tables/setup extraction. (R/3)
* InfoPackage for the Delta initialization.
* Set-up periodic V3 update. (R/3)
* InfoPackage for Delta uploads.

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