6 January 2014

SAP FI Interview Questions & Answers

SAP FI Interview Questions & Answers :-

1. The length of G/L account number should be mentioned in Chart of accounts.

2. The G/L account becomes a complete G/L account if we have added the company code segment to chart of account segment.

3. If we are using the same chart of account in more than one company code the account name and account number is the same in all company codes.

4. The appearance of the company code segment of a G/L account is based on account group entered in the chart of account segment.

5. Creation of duplicate accounts in A/P can be prevented by using the match code before creating the new account & switching on automatic duplication check.

6. By mentioning the base line date, cash discount periods, and cash discount percentage rate in payment terms, system will calculate due date of the invoice and cash discount.

7. The specifications for permitted payment differences can be found in both types of tolerance groups. They control the automatic posting of cash discount adjustments and unauthorized deductions.
Ans: True

8. All reconciliation accounts and all general ledger accounts with open item transactions in foreign currency must be assigned to the revenue/expense accounts for realized losses and gains.
Ans: True

9. R/3 system contains
Ans: 1. Data base server 2. Application server 3. Presentation server only.

10. All data and programs are contained in Application server & Database server

11. SAP business object consists of attributes and methods

12. Maximum number of sessions a user can open when he logs on to SAP?
Ans: six

13. Fiscal year can be both year dependent and year independent.

14. Fiscal year which is a calendar year can have 12 normal periods.

15. Shortened fiscal year can have should have less than 12 periods.

16. Company code can have one local currency only.

17. Postings in a company code are done in G/L account of operative chart of accounts.

18. Retained earnings account is specific to chart of accounts.

19. Company can use both direct and indirect exchange rates - True

20. Business areas are used for reporting across company codes - True

21. Posting in a G/L account is controlled by field status group in the company code segment

22. Company code can have more than one retained earnings account - TrueChart of accounts can have more than one retained earnings account - True

23. account group controls the master record field status - True

24. Which of the following are correct with respect to your G/L account house bank name
a. the g/l account house bank name shall be the same as in the bank directory - False
b. the g/l account house bank name need not be the same as the bank’s name in the bank directory - True
c. the g/l account house bank name is user-definable - True
d. the g/l account house bank name is defined at the chart of account level - True
e. the g/l account house bank name is modifiable at the company code segment of the chart of accounts - False

25. Your house bank number cannot be set to be defaulted from house bank key - True

26. The G/L account for a bank is linked to one house bank plus one account id

27. One bank account is mapped in SAP to Account id & House bank

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